Pig heart and lungs

Today in class we located the pigs heart and lungs. We located the anterior lobes, the medial lobes, the mediastinal lobe, the posterior lobes, the diaphragm, the pericardium, the atria, the ventricles, the superior vena cava,as well as the inferior vena cava. The heart showed many variations throughout the pigs in the class. Our pigs lungs, however, we very well developed. Overall the development or our pig’s organs were good.

Some parts of the heart and lungs were a struggle to find. There were small parts on the outside of the organs that were harder to find due to slight lack of development. Overall the veins and arteries were very prominent and made the locating of structures a bit easier.






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Pig Lab: Urogenital system

In class we dissected and observed the Urogenital systems.

We observed both the male and female anatomy of the pigs. We located the kidneys, ureters, bladders, urethras, and reproductive organs.

The kidneys of our specific pig were barely developed. We observed other classmate’s pigs as well in order to get a better sense of what the anatomy looks like. We noticed that it was harder to find the female reproductive organs than it was the male reproductive organs.




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Pig dissection



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Pig dissection digestive system

We dissected the digestive system of our pig fetuses.

Observations: The dye from the formaldehyde made the pig’s organs turn Blue/ grey. This made it harder to decipher which organs were which. We were also unable to locate the pancreas. The liver of our pig was incredibly deformed and underdeveloped. For the most part, finding the main organs was relatively easy.

Thoughts: Our pig had various underdeveloped organs. We can hypothesize from this that out pig was in fact not to the age of birth, but most likely a pre born. For the organs we could not determine, we studied our other classmates pigs to get another perspective on their findings. The overall layout of the pigs’ digestive systems have proven to show us that they can vary from pig to pig.



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Pig skin microscope photo

We took a sample of the skin from the pig. We used a scalpel to thin out the tissue down to a translucent color. We viewed the skin sample on three different magnifications.


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Pig dissection

Pig dissection

This is a photo of the abdominal dissection of the pig fetus in biology class.

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Termite Lab

for the termite lab we were asigned to place termites on a piece of paper and analyze in what direction the termites moved based on different colors placed alond the outside edges of the paper. we concluded that termites prefer darker color schemes.

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