A Warm House 

I’ve always said I want a “warm” house. 

I want to live in a quaint, yet sizable house, with just enough room to store all of my thoughts.

I want flowers everywhere, and vines crawling up it’s sides as if nature were trying to claim it as it’s own, simply because of its beauty. 

I want the constant clinking of glasses and laughter of friends to resinate like sweet music throughout these walls. 

I want the ceilings to have dimples from all of the popped corks that have come before it, leaving their mark as they shot up into the air in celebration. 

I want the unrelenting, but mindfully subtle, waft of delicious meals being cooked in my kitchen to greet those who enter, and to sneak through the cracks in the wood, and wake those who doze gently upstairs. 

I want it’s door to always be open to any breeze or old soul that wishes to enter. 

I want big french windows that show their bright smiles to the sun every morning, with long white curtains framing their faces; billowing. 

I want pictures. Pictures everywhere. I want my visual memories to kiss these walls. I wish to be whisked past a gallery of life every time I walk down my hallway. 

I want a private backyard. 

I want a towering tree that ages as I do, growing stronger as time progresses, building a tent of safety over my grassy seclusion. 

I want a tire swing to cling to the tree like a dear friend holding it’s hand. 

I want fairy lights scattered, mirroring the stars in the sky, forming their very own galaxy on my patio for me to explore and then return back to my own universe, just in time for tea. 

I want the lights in my house to remain on as the night covers the world in a velvety blanket of darkness, leaving my home as a beacon of glowing light, visible to anyone. 

Welcoming to anyone. 

I want a warm house.

A Puzzle in the Stars

I’m so in awe of the simple moment spent sitting up on a roof at night or driving out into the middle of nowhere, away from any big cities, and watching the stars appear in the sky. And they are that much brighter because you don’t have the constant glow of the city dulling them. They shine far more vibrant than you ever imagined possible. You realize that they’ve always been shining this bright, you’ve just never allowed yourself to witness them because you were surrounded by the constant gleam of other lights on the ground. You had no clue what you were missing. 

You feel, momentarily, that everything surrounding you is unimportant, and that life’s problems now aren’t as big as they seemed in the heat of the moment. You feel as if the city lights were your problems and they are now being dulled by the glorious stars in the sky. And although you know the stars will only remain in the sky for the evening, you have perfect faith that they will return the next night, regardless of how good or bad the day goes for you. The stars make a promise. That promise is that although they are leaving, they will return, and they always come through. We can put our trust in them because of it. 

Imagine what greatness could come from people falling in love with the stars every night. There are no fears to be had. No anxieties to be had. There’s no competing over the stars because there is an entire galaxy to be had, and that’s more than enough for everyone. None of it matters. Because as long as you appreciate their work for the few hours they choose to shine for us in that velvety sky, good things will gravitate towards you. Just like those who spread hate cannot be overlooked; those who spread kindness and support for others, even the stars, will never be overlooked. The universe is rooting for them far too hard for them not to be given all that they give to others in return. Otherwise the world would be off balance. We all stand right side up because, ultimately, you do truly get what you give. 

Looking at the stars, I feel a warm blanket of relief encompassing my body. The feeling that someone is looking down upon me and saying “Everything you are feeling right now, in this moment, is okay. It’s all okay, and it all will only get better because this is just the beginning and ‘okay’ is just foundation for the skyscrapers of emotions that will soon enough be built for you to enter throughout your lifetime”. Things that are meant to happen to people will, and always do, happen. It’s just a fact. Success in life, opportunities, experiences; they are all connected. Just like I am connected to my teacher, and he is connected to his mother, and she is connected to her boss, and he is connected many others. You are connected to me through reading this, and any experiences I am fortunate enough to have and share will directly be felt through you as well. 

Life is a big puzzle. Everyone else might know exactly what they are doing, and that’s great for them, but that’s only because they are the ‘corner pieces’ to the puzzle. Sure, it’s clear where they go. But a big misconception is that because they get used in the puzzle first, they are the most important. 


Sometimes it’s hard to tell what is going to happen, where you are supposed to be at what specific time, and who you are supposed to meet. More often than not, you can feel as if you are the only puzzle piece not being used or given opportunities to fit into the huge puzzle masterpiece of life. But everything might just seem so crazy and chaotic because you are the last ‘middle piece’. Although you feel small, unimportant, and are most likely going to be picked last of all the pieces in the box; you complete the picture. You are the most vital. The corners can be taken away. So long as YOU hold tight to the pieces and people who surround you and that YOU personally connect with, you will always complete the puzzle beautifully, and YOU will always be vital. 

We all have a purpose. Sometimes it’s clearer on certain days than others. Just like the stars might not always be seen due to some evening clouds; they are there. You can rest assured they are. I don’t know very much yet. All I do know for sure is that I am one of the ‘middle pieces’. If you have no clue where the heck your life is taking you, but you are willing to work hard at whatever could be thrown your direction, you are a ‘middle piece’, and you are more than welcome to hold my hand while we sit patiently in the puzzle box awaiting to be put to use. Maybe we will be placed in the picture last, but we sure as hell won’t be forgotten about. We would be so missed if we were never given the opportunity to be used. Without us, people would toss the puzzle in the trash because any chance at completing the beautiful work of art would be gone. We are very important, and our time is coming. 

And something as small and simple as what happened today; “realizing the beauty of the stars”? It’s just a stepping stone across this huge ocean that we will eventually make our way through. Some people have boats and are able to speed on by us and make it to the other side faster. That’s fine. Good for them. But we will appreciate every step we take, and the success of finally reaching the other side far more than those who were able to plow on by us. Because we know the journey. We are grateful to those who helped calm the waves for us and guide us. We are confident in our strengths and in our weaknesses. We can confide in those close to us because we have full trust in them. We can travel greater distances than anyone could ever imagine. Something as small and meaningless as this, is just the tip of the iceberg to the grand and powerful experiences life has in store for us. 

I know that on days when it’s gloomy and dark out, the rain takes my confidence down with it, but as soon as the sun comes out again, I will flourish. Whether this is just the rumbling of a big storm forming in the sky or the end of a beautiful day spent in the sunshine for you, it’s a promise from the stars. Its a promise that tomorrow will come, and you will find your place in the puzzle.